Exclusively Yours Package

As the title says, Exclusively Yours

Whilst we work in the best venues, sometimes the best is not one of the big names, it’s a marquee, your favourite restaurant, a family home or a friend’s castle or keep.

The standard packages we offer tend to suit the usual hotels like the Balmoral, Waldorf Astoria, Cameron House, etc, but that’s not all we do.

The promotional photos always show the 200 person parties in these venues but often the best parties are the wee ones in the special places.

If you want to have your own DJ at your disposal, playing the tunes you want, able to change things in a moment, why not get in touch to chat through the options.

Most DJ’s love 200 people at a party, well, let”s face it, with 200 people the dance floor will always be busy. ¬†We love those nights too, but we also love the exclusive party for 10 people as we really get to ply our skill and make a party happen when most DJ’s would struggle.

So, if you want your own DJ, whether it’s a surprise birthday, intimate wedding or just a fun gathering, get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you, we have so many options!

A sound a light rig for an intimate party for ten people
A surprise birthday for 10 guests