Wedding Entertainer and DJ

Edinburgh Wedding DJ

You’ll put much planning int o the details of your wedding but come 7:30 you’re left with a barman and a DJ – both had better be good!  For your evening guests these could be the only part of your day they see.

For a start, “Jimmy the DJ” with the fag, jeans, pint and burd is not what you’d get here!  There are some DJ’s who do weddings all the time and have done for years – we only use these very experienced guys. This is the one day things need to be right – there is many a mobile disk jockey who is cheaper, but this isn’t the day to save a few quid, weddings are different. Would you take your Rolls Royce to a go-cart technician for a service?

You pick some of the music by filling in the request form, also giving the names of the members of your bridal party.  Our DJ may not have been friends with you for years, but your guests have, so with the right information it can appear as though our wedding DJ is part of the party too.

Choice of Wedding Music

We’ll be looking for your choices for the first couple of dances, along with the last, so start thinking!  If necessary we are able to offer some ideas of recent choices to set you along the right track. Equally as important to some can be a list of things not to be played, if this is for you, then let us know.

Edinburgh’s Top Hotels

Your guests are welcome and encouraged to give their suggestions of tunes which will work for your group – and provided they prove to have musical taste, they’ll be added to the list! Having performed in many Edinburgh hotels such as the Balmoral, Waldorf Astoria, Macdonald and Hilton Hotels and Castles like Edinburgh, Stirling, Carlowrie and Dalhousie you know you’re getting a quality performer.

If you’d like to speak with the wedding DJ prior to your wedding this will happily be arranged.

Sound and Light Equipment

Our standard disco rigs are hardly standard. Graeme’s own love for gadgets and great sound and light shows is the reason why his own, best system is the world’s best Bose L1 Mk11 speakers which sound so crisp and clear they bring home hi-fi quality to the function suite, making sure you give your guests the “wow-factor”. Controlled by a Denon Dn-Mc6000MkII, using Serato, the music comes from a MacBook Pro holding the huge range of music which might be needed for your party.  When it comes to lighting effects, Graeme has many to choose from and he selects those which make the most of your venue, complimenting the shape and size of the room; rest assured there are no 70’s school disco lights!

There’s also a number of options for enhancing the equipment for your event – we can discuss these anytime

  • Cloth backdrop with twinkling star effect
  • Larger speaker system powerful enough for the largest of venues by adding powered bass module
  • Lighting truss to replace the traditional lighting T-bars doubling the number of effects
  • DMX controlled lighting